Meet our Health Research Data team Episode 2

In our series ‘Meet our Health Research Data team’, we speak to Isla Rees, a Project Manager in Research, Development & Innovation at University Hospitals Birmingham.  

I work as a RD&I Project Manager in Pathology Research at University Hospitals Birmingham.  

I feel Health Care Data Research is important. Because the patient is at the forefront of everything that we do in the NHS, data research is essential for progression of new treatments, diagnostics and recovery. All these projects have an impact on patient care.

For new researchers who are about to embark on research that involves health care data: my key take home message would be to talk to people! I would recommend to reach out to the teams and try to understand how this can be done. Our teams support all kinds of research, and hope to make research more available for those who wish to pursue it. I would recommend making those connections and have those great ideas.

It is important to understand that all roles in the NHS ultimately are here to support patient care. As a project manager, we see all research projects through from beginning to end. The breadth of projects that we are able to work on is hugely interesting. Knowing that you are improving patient care for the future. My role in supporting these projects means that they come to life and provide a better NHS.

If you want to request access to data find out how to do this here

Accessing Health Data