INSIGHT: The Health Data Research Hub for Eye Health

INSIGHT is an NHS-led partnership set up to make routinely collected eye data available for health research. Our aim is to improve healthcare by making it simpler for researchers to use large, anonymised sets of patient data in a safe and ethical way.

The INSIGHT Health Data Research Hub:

  • Makes anonymised eye data available for research that is intended to benefit patients
  • Is focused on eye health, but could lead to breakthroughs in a wide range of conditions, including diabetes and dementia
  • Is committed to putting patients and the public first
  • Applies the highest standards of ethics, transparency and safety to everything it does

Across the NHS as a whole, 25 million images of the eye are created every year, representing an unrivalled resource for research using techniques like machine learning.

The data available through INSIGHT currently comes from two NHS foundation trusts: Moorfields Eye Hospital and University Hospitals Birmingham. It has been routinely collected from thousands of patients over many years, and forms some of the largest eye datasets in the world.

The INSIGHT website has a list of academic papers and research projects where advanced analytics, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, have been applied to ophthalmic datasets for patient benefit. 

Link for more information – Research examples | INSIGHT (

If you want to request access to data find out how to do this here

Accessing Health Data