Meet our Health Research Data team Episode 3

In our series ‘Meet our Health Research Data team’, we speak to Kady Hutton, the Senior Research Grant Officer in the Research Application Support Team at University Hospitals Birmingham.

The Research Application Support (RAS) Team predominantly work with researchers to apply for research funding. With healthcare research increasing in patient data over the last few years, RAS have become more involved in supporting Data Research Teams with their funding applications and sign posting to appropriate support in the data space.

When I initially started in RAS, most of the grant applications were for clinical studies, which are incredibly interesting to me as a Nurse. I get to work across all specialities within my role. However, over the last 12 months I have become more involved in supporting the Data Research Teams. This has opened a whole new world of research to me and has been thought provoking and a learning curve in terms of how these studies are costed and delivered within the NHS. In general, my role is never boring as each study that I work on requires different knowledge and expertise, no two days are ever the same and that is what I really enjoy.

Why you think Health Care Data Research is important?

Accessibility. To enable progress and innovations within healthcare, having accessible data be readily available for researchers to work with is a game changing, and we are seeing some incredible advances in diagnostics and treatment options thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the data required to ensure these advances are successful.  

What you think is a key need/ understanding for a researcher who is about to embark on research that involves health care data?

Networking far and wide is by far a key need and in doing so will provide the key understanding. This area is constantly developing and keeping in touch with key contacts is vital.

In my role I think about how to improve and implement innovations within patient pathways all day every day, and I truly believe that the support I provide researchers goes on to deliver more effective, more efficient and more sustainable care for our patient population.

If you want to request access to data find out how to do this here

Accessing Health Data